Roulette 10' Amerifun Aug 2015 The BoathouseOur NEW 10′ version shown, serves 15 – we call it “The Chump Buster”!

Our Roulette Tables are available in 6′, 7′, 10′ & a colossal 17′.

Roulette is a key “staple” game and is popular with the ladies, you will notice it full for the duration of your event.  Consider a roulette with any games lineup.


Roulette 6′

Our 6′ Roulette is the perfect roulette table for smaller groups and serves 8.  This table features chasing lights and skirting (and the layout is slated to be replaced very soon!).

Roulette 7′

Our 1st Generation 7′ Roulette is the most requested of the roulette tables and will serve 10.  It features arm rest.

Roulette 7′

Our new 7′ Roulette is ideal for groups under 100 people and a definite step-up from the other 7′ (and looks much larger than it is!).  Serves 12.  Includes all the features of the 7′ roulette including arm rest, chip rail and cup holders.

Roulette 10′

Our 10′ Roulette is currently not available but will be ready soon.  This table serves 15 and is a great fit for groups under 200 people.

Roulette 17′

Our 17′ Roulette is the best of the best.  It will serve 20 and is a must-have for larger groups of 200 or more.  As always we will recommend the apt roulette for your size of group (we may recommend additional roulette tables for very large groups).