Cashier Cage Prop

PROJECT:  Cashier Cage Prop | NATURE OF PROJECT:  Fabrication | DURATION: 2-3 weeks | COMPLETION: September 2014 | PURPOSE: Purchase, Sold $900


We are going to be fabricating a 2-window, six-foot width CASHIER CAGE prop / decoration for casino fun nights / casino parties.  This is a USEABLE prop that offers 2 key benefits:

  • Adds to the Las Vegas-like atmosphere (what casino doesn’t have a cashier?!).
  • Guests know where to go to check-in, receive initial funds, make change, get information or cash-out.

As with any prop, this unit needs to be LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT and LOOK GREAT!

Plywood pieces cut, cashier cage prop Amerifun Wichita KSWe started with 1/2″ hardwood plywood (the good stuff) as opposed to pine.  Pine plywood is typically warped and full of knots right off the shelf.  Hardwood plywood is about 25% more in cost but well worth the money because it cuts easier, is smoother and just looks better.




Wood glue application AmerifunOne thing I always tell any of our carpenters is “USE LOTS OF GLUE”!  A thread or small ribbon worth of glue doesn’t do anyone any good.  Ample glue should be used until it “squirts out” (wipe all work)!!  Also, speaking of glue, you will notice the Gorilla Wood Glue® in the photo… this is our glue of choice.  Alot of guys like Titebond® but in our opinion you can end up with a brittle chalky bond that fails.



Cashier Cage rough boxes AmerifunReady for putty.  We will putty all edges, joints and imperfections before adding trim pieces and priming (and then will apply a final putty application after the first coat of primer).  No seams will be visible.





Cashier Cage Boxes Rough with TrimIf we just had to fabricate the boxes, this unit would be finished in one day!





"CASHIER" Letters rough before paint.Since this unit is a duplicate of our original Cashier Cage we were able to foresee Cashier Letters Wood Prop Fabrication Amerifun Wichita KSimprovements, one example is the letters.  The original letters were foam attached with velcro.  Now while foam does have it’s place in design applications, we felt that these letters would be better as wood for a couple of reasons.  First, the fragility of the foam was a factor but the main contributing factor was attachment of the letters.  The velcro caused the letters to not stand perfectly straight so by changing them to wood we eliminated this issue.  Also these wood letters will not break if you drop one!


Cashier Cage Boxes before & after primer, Amerifun Prop FabReady for finish soon after final fitting.Cashier Cage final fitting before finish (paint).






Caulk AmerifunWe Caulk The Gaps Before Painting (after primer)!






Cashier Cage final paintReady for final assembly.  This puppy is ready for the long haul.






Texture Rubberized Finish AmerifunJust to say a word or two about the finish: This stuff is DURABLE… you can’t scrape it off!  This is not paint, this textured finish is a rubberized coating.  Guaranteed to TAKE ABUSE!




 Cashier Cage Hinged Corner Units AmeriFUN Wichita

Cashier Cage Final Completed Amerifun Wichita KSFinished product.  Please Note: we were in the process of a final hinge adjustment (plus the unit was sitting on a 5′ table and it’s 6′ wide) so this photo does not show the small hinged side boxes (but you get the idea from the unfinished image above, the one with the dollar signs) but a photo of the hinged unit is to right.


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